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Thinking about getting your pet relocated?
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Relocate your pet safe & sound

We help to relocate your pet all around the world with a bespoke experience for you and your pet. Completely safe and secure.

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What we provide

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What you will get
  • Initial Consultancy on entire relocation process and clarifications on queries.
  • Planning your entire pet’s relocation procedure.
  • Mandatory Microchip Procurement & Insertion of ISO 11784/785 microchip and Scanning process
  • Rabies Titre Test- Blood serum collection and dispatch to approved International testing Lab and obtaining approval clearance certificate.
  • Supplying correctly sized IATA compliant crate and mandatory accessories like absorbent mat and dishes for water and feeding in the flight
  • Advise on the best airlines and logistics to ship your pet according to the destination.
  • Flight booking for your pet.
  • International Air Freight Charges Accompanied Baggage charges or Manifested Cargo Charges
  • Quarantine Boarding at our partnering service provider of repute - Some Destination countries have a Quarantine period for pets on arrival
  • Origin country services- Exportation Processing, Documentation, Government endorsed Vet Inspection, export permits, Clearance & Handling as applicable
  • Destination Services- Documentation, Entry Port Processing, Import Permit, Declaration, Inspections, Duties/GST, Clearance as applicable
  • Pet friendly taxi service
  • As per your preference we can work with your veterinary doctor or a Government approved Vet doctor to get all the necessary certificates like International Health Certificates, Microchip Certificates, Sterilization Certificates, Blood Sampling Certificates, and any EU/AVA/DEFRA etc. certificates that need endorsements to be issued to you on your behalf.
  • We also provide ‘Pet Relocation Guardian Angel or Air Buddy’ accompanying your pet from door to door as a Luxury bespoke service. A premium service for those who want nothing but the best for their furry kids!

Ready to get your Pet reunited?

Meet The Team

About LOLA

Motto & Vision

Its not just relocating...Its an emotion

Welcome to Lola Worldwide Pet Relocation Services, our enterprise offers bespoke end to end services for all Relocation requirements for Pet parents with their furry companions be it Dog/Cat. Co- Founded by passionate pet parents themselves for over 30 years, who understand the feeling of love, care and wanting the best that one can offer to our four-legged kids. A one stop solution for complete relocation process from pick up of your pet from your door step, consultation, documentation, export-import permits, custom clearance, booking your pet on the flight, import clearance at destination and reuniting your pet at destination. We are exclusive as compared to other service providers where the communication is not limited to correspondence over mails/telephone we ensure that we personally meet you and your pet if your location is in India, to initiate the process thereby establishing familiarization for both and going forward with a Seal of comfort and trust. While the entire front-end process is handled personally by the CoFounders, each with their own areas of expertise, our Team associates handle the back-end processes.


What our customers have to say

Our family recently moved back to South Africa 🇿🇦 from Bangalore, India 🇮🇳. We knew our move back would not be complete without our cat, Tickles. On searching for a company to help with this task, we were recommended Lola Worldwide Pet Relocation. We couldn't have made a better decision. Nikhil and Priya and their team worked very hard in helping this become a reality. We are very grateful for their superb communication, methodical assistance, and continued updates for any of our queries, helping her be reunited with us, her family without any stress or worries. Thank you Nikhil, Priya, and team. We would definitely recommend them to our friends.

Janine and Shaun Edward Gordon Ricketts.
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Thank you Priya, Nikhil and the crew at “Lola Worldwide Pet Relocation” for all your help with Stella, we wouldn't have been able to do it without you. Stella arrived at London safely with not a worry in the world. I was worried about her flying that distance but you guys have done a wonderful job at making sure everything went smoothly. If you are looking for an experienced team of specialists for relocation for your pet with tons of care look no further. Happy to recommend Lola Worldwide. Cheers !!

Raja Singha

Taking my 3 cats from India to UK was a huge decision as they are quite skittish and I honestly did not think they would make good travel candidates. I did my research and was overwhelmed with my interactions with Lola Worldwide who seemed more concerned with the animals wellbeing than some of their competitors. Priya and Nikhil are not only experts in their knowledge of the entire relocation process and its execution but extremely sensitive towards anxious Pet parents like me and I knew I was in good hands along with the safety of my kitties.Everything went absolutely smoothly and the constant communication, reassurance and general helpfulness from start to finish was outstanding. The cats were not in the slightest way traumatised by their very long journey and are already ruling the roost in their new home. Thank you Lola Worldwide for sorting everything with my kitties cargo. Will definitely be recommending to all my friends and family.

Aparna Vyas

I contacted Nikhil of Lola pet relocation team when we planned to bring Mannie from USA to Bangalore. Both Nikhil and Priya are very helpful and guided us on various aspects of the relocation like travel guidence for the dog, recommended the ideal pet friendly air lines to shorten the travel time, whether it is wise to sedate the dog while traveling to cope with anxiety. Though it was unfortunate that we couldn't get mannie travel to India based on the objections raised by the vet and the trainer but the overall experience with Lola pet transport was awesome 👍. I strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to travel with their pets internationally or domestic. The best aspect is that both Nikhil and Priya understand the anxiety of the pet parent and the situation of the pet traveling long hours in cargo hold.

Ipsita Basu Roy

Lola relocation did a very good job in relocating my pet dog from Bangalore to Singapore in June. It was hassle free and I was provided with end to end service. Which included a homestay boarding which was super convenient for me. I would 100% recommend lola relocation for anyone who’s looking for relocating their pet

BS Anusha

Lola Worldwide did the relocation of our dog Scooby from the India to France. From the beginning Priya, Sudha and Nikhil were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and answered all our questions quickly from documentation queries to worries about the travelling process. We were kept up to date on Scobby's progress through customs and received regular pictures and videos on her onward travel to Paris. We can’t thank them enough for the commitment and care shown to our baby throughout her time with them and for making this a less stressful transition for us all. If we ever move back again then we will definitely be contacting Lola Worldwide. Highly recommended !!

Nadeem Pasha

A Big thank you to Lola Worldwide and especially to Priya, Nikhil and Sudha for bringing our family together. We can understand this was a humongous task to bring Brittany from India to Auckland which by no means is an easy process, tons of paperwork, on top of that, it is so complicated a normal person can’t even begin to imagine. So glad that Lola Worldwide made it stress free for us Guiding and advising us through each step and process. You have handled the transfer not only professionally but also with immense human touch. You treated Brittany as one of your own and gave her all the care during journey. This is something we couldn’t imagine with others. Updates from you at every step gave us confidence that she was in good hands. We are happy that you handled her long journey without us being worried. We would certainly take your support if Brittany has to ever take another long journey. She is a happy dog and enjoying being back home in the company of her family. So thank you very much. This task couldn’t have been handled any better. Will be Happily recommending you amazing people to our friends.

Meghana R

We got our Golden Retriever from india to San Francisco. We were extremely nervous about the journey but Lola Worldwide really made it easy for us. A special thanks goes to Priya and Nikhil for helping us throughout the process, dealing with our countless queries and ensuring a smooth journey. Thank you very much, Lola Worldwide. We shall remain forever grateful to you. Amazing experience and highly recommended pet specialists for any anxious Pet owners.

Anish Chaube

LOLA Pet Relocation provided me with very detailed and comprehensive information about the process to relocate my pets from India to Norway I was informed by the team during each of the stages in the process which greatly reduced by anxiety about their well being. I would gladly recommend LOLA Pet Relocation for relocating pets abroad

Rohan R


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